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Products are made in the factory, brands are created in the mind.

Walter Landor

Little Birdie Branding is committed to delivering exceptional strategic and creative solutions to my customers. It is the brand that represents your business. And it's my goal to understand you, define your identity and deliver that brand.


My brand philosophy is really very simple...


• deliver a clear message

• confirm your credibility

• create an emotional connection

• motivate your customer to action

• establish customer loyalty


It is paramount to your business that you research, define and build a compelling brand. And Little Birdie Branding is an ideal business partner in this enterprise.


• Logo Design

​• Corporate Identity

​• Branding & Strategy

​• Marketing & Advertising

​• Collateral Development

​• Annual Reports

​• Point-of-Purchase Displays

​• Packaging

​• Signage

​• Web Design

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