Meet Little Birdie

Robin Whittington

Art Director / Principal

I am an artist and graphic design is my profession. I have a passion for design, typography, color theory and composition. I operate in the cross hairs of creativity and business strategy. I design and deliver exceptional visual branding solutions for my customers.


I am educated in visual communications design and I have worked around the globe at the largest advertising agencies and the most extraordinary boutiques. My journey started in Cleveland, Ohio as a young designer, flourished in San Francisco as an Art Director, and sparkled in Sydney, Australia where I unlocked my true spirit and affection for design.


And then it was time to find a new home and put down my roots. Granville, Ohio is where I live and where Little Birdie Branding built its nest. We are nimble, focused, innovative, and extremely productive. Let us be the creative compass for your visual branding aspirations.

Granville, Ohio 43023

Phone: (740) 641-3453


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